About Us

PT. MELANTON PRATAMA futher mentioned as MP was established on notary certificate Darsono Purnomosidi, SH, MM on June 10th 1991 in Jakarta, Indonesia, on which operation is legalised by Indonesian Ministry of lay and Human Right, Decree No. C-2-5120.

MP establishment originate in Palembang and was focusing its business activity at Pertamina RU-III Plaju. The company was one of the pioneer contractor companies at its time.

Through decades of evolution, MP manages to maintain good rapport with its customers and international client. The company nusiness lines expanded to general trading sectors, contracting, and general supplier. The company has been loyal project contractor to PT. Pertamina (Persero), especially in refinery field of instrumentation, mechanical, chemical and electrical.

The company also cooperates with international cialis generique companies, offering its on-site assistance and project management skill, to support the fluency of expatriate to solve obstacles they generally face when dealing with the local. MP’s client include Akso Nobel companies like Nippo Ketjen and Albemarle, Honeywell, Galperti, and many more to mention.